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Chiney Kiki | Reggae Artist

Chineykiki's style could be classified as "Reggae Fusion"

Her vocal style is strongly influenced by jazz, and various genres. Her vocal range and delivery is absolutely pleasing to the ear and enlightens you on the journey of her experiences. Take a listen, It’s definitely worth it.

Just Listen

  1. Justice ChineyKiki x Lutan Fyah 3:29
  2. Kushites Chiney Kiki x Evie Pukupoo 3:51

Brand new music! 

Kushites EP

While the world was on lockdown Chiney Kiki and Evie Pukupoo were busy making musical therapy for you. Mental health is mental consciousness and the Kushite EP is our way of uplifting your spirit and knowledge of who we are as a people. We are the truth. Listen to this new EP by clicking the link to stream.


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  • Chiney Kiki x Lutan Fyah - Justice

  • Chiney Kiki x Evie Pukupoo - Kushites