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Meet multi-talented artist, dancer and creative director, otherwise known in many parts of the world as “Chineykiki”. Kiki represents the bridge between the old and new generation of Jamaican and African culture. Raised in the parish of St. Catherine Jamaica, kiki’s musical background consist of years spent around Edna Manley dancers and singers (Edna Manley College).

Kiki has a Jamaican, Ghanaian and Chinese ethnic background. Her father is from Ghana West Africa, hence her afrocentric vibe. Her name ‘Chiney’ Kiki, derives from her epicanthic fold eyes and the fact that her mother’s father is actually Chinese. Kiki has a heavy musical and dance lineage: Her mother, who was once an ‘Grace Thrillers’ singer and dancer on the ‘Miss Lou’ Tv show. At the age of eleven, kiki migrated back to the USA, where she would then pursue musical instrumentation and singing. Her talent gained traction through her dancing and traveling back and forth to some of Jamaica’s hottest night events as well as popular New York parties such as ‘City Vibes Thursdays”. Years later kiki found herself providing back up vocals for several artists, then deciding to pursue a solo career in 2013.

Chiney Kiki is a reflection of her aspirations, determination and inspiration. Kiki’s success driven work ethic, has gained her worldwide recognition for her many interests and talents in the entertainment/show-business industry. Most of her compositions have enjoyed wide mass audiences in Jamaica, USA, Europe, and now a high demand in Africa. Thanks to her increase of followers and viewers on youtube and other social media networks, kiki’s sensational singles such as ‘Afrikan Woman’ and ‘Liad’, are now enjoying massive radio airplay in Europe and beyond.


  • Chiney Kiki x Evie Pukupoo - Kushites

  • Chiney Kiki - Revelation

  • Chineykiki x Torch - Your Love

  • Chiney Kiki - Afrikan Woman

  • Chiney Kiki - Calm Down

  • Chiney Kiki - Change

  • Chiney Kiki - Liad


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