The four-track EP Kushites is latest release from emerging recording artiste Chiney Kiki and Evie Pukupoo.

She has high expectations for the project.

“My expectations for this project yes, of course, is to see growth whether promotions or streaming, but to really and truly uplift ones who listen to this body of work. As I said before, people more likely connect with music, when they can relate to it. We want people to know that what ever they are going through, they can and will get through it. You are royalty, always, remember who you are,” she told the Jamaica Observer.

Released yesterday, Kushites is on the Chineykiki LLC imprint. In addition to the title track, its other songs comprises Far Away, Frenemy, and Do You. The set also premiered as a short film produced by Chiney Kiki and directed by Robin Chin. It was shot in Kingston by Enhanced Realizm Films.

Evie Pukupoo (given name Everaldo Creary) is a member of the popular Jamaican dub collective and reggae band NoMaddz. He built an acting career for the past 20 years, appearing in productions such as Mi And Mi Kru, Better Mus’ Come and British actor Idris Elba’s directorial debut, Yardie.

He has accumulated many awards in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s speech and drama festivals.

“The spirits of my ancestors guided me towards performing arts; I fell in love with the stage and dub poetry while at Kingston College. I would perform at church concerts and that gave me the right boost. At one point, I realised this was something I was in love with even without institutional training so I continued going with my God-given talent,” he told the Observer.

He added that working with Chiney Kiki was a memorable experience.

“It was mad exciting. Anybody weh name Chiney and yuh mix it wid Kiki, you know seh dat cyaa normal. It was a beautifully mad experience. The focus, the drive, the enthusiasm, mi love dat about sista Kiki,” Evie said.

Chiney Kiki (given name Shaneak Wittingham) met Evie Pukupoo seven years ago. The chemistry between them made the completion of the project seamless.

“The EP has multiple genres and what stands out about it is versatility. The aspect that stands out for the film is simply what a woman is supposed to be to a man, a queen to a king. It’s both rootical and Afrocentric,” Chiney Kiki added.

Born in the United States and raised in Portmore, St Catherine, Chiney Kiki spent her early years in various bands — from marching to classical to jazz — and has since developed not only as a musician but as a dancer, songwriter and creative director. This EP will be her second body of work, following the Emotions EP which was released last year.


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